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i wrote a long poetic comment for this over at pwopl but like hell im copypasting it here

i am scared no one will like this its kind of spooky and um… idk… i cant art

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    S-SCARVES…. ok this is the best thing ive been told in forever hfsdjfkhjdhjfkdkjshfjdfhjh GOD ;; ok i feel special now i...
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    lily you better believe that this is amazing and you have so much talent and potential to be even better and yes you can...
  5. rinkypie said: Pfff!! This looks awesome. I really love how you do backgrounds! They’re so inteeeresting and different! Also I like Emit and his very stand-outy eyes :D Hehe. Also, I found that poem really NICE in a depressing way.
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  7. xenvita said: nah its really nice. I like it~