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My name is Lily. 19 years old.
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Switched back into Ib at AX, will be her for the rest of the day with a Garry :D

Cosplaying Komaeda today and tomorrow at AX! Also Ib today. SAY HI!

Day 2: IB! Find me!


Not ready for fam vacation -3-


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann + TV tropes
↳ Kamina


"what weeaboo trash brought in their fucking titty mousepad and didn’t even get a top tier waifu like mugi chan?"

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The popular “deer in headlights” look

IM PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IM ON MY WAy to gdc….. I hate pics like this but this one was kinda nice so……. AIRPORTS GOTTA GO

Class. Style. A few words to sum up my way of life. You become hardened after watching the woman you love go for the asshole and leave you in the friendzone. I’m a nice guy, and everyone knows nice guys finish last. Ladies, if you’ve been wondering where your dream man has been, he has been right beside you the whole time. We’ve stuck with you, waiting for you to notice us. But you leave us in the friendzone.

I wear this fedora as a badge of war, and a symbol that no matter how many times I’m left hanging, I will continue to be here for a woman looking for a man with class. Style. A sense of humor. A diamond in a sea of shit. One of the last few true gentleman.